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Lot 20 Bar


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If you haven’t been to Lot 20 – one of Perth’s newest small bar, then all I can say is that you are missing out!

Located on James street, just behind the State Theater and opposite the CPP Library Carpark (hint this is where you would want to park!), you may have walked past it’s iron gates that reads LOT TWENTY patterned a few decade times. The site of the bar was previously neglected space and I think one of the owners told me it was a fire station once? or did I just make that up…? I can’t remember for the life of me!

Lot 20 Bar Perth

The little bar has one of the coolest deck area around, massive mural of a naked lady in all her crowning glory and a circus themed, 3-D-esque painting of the owners and managers of the joint. Then there are the edison lights, exposed brick work, open kitchen, small setting upstairs for proper dinner, hidden corners and most importantly exposed pipes in the toilet where you can listen to Monty Python while you do your thing.

So you get the picture, it’s a pretty cool joint, interiors are done very well, especially for the small space they have. Nonetheless, if you can and weather permits (which it will in Perth 99% of the time.. and no excuses to not do this in summer) sit outdoors.



Lot 20 Bar Perth

Their small wine list is nice and sweet. I’m really loving the Howard Park Miamup Carbernet Sauvignon 2013, so smooth, and the aromas strong and sweet. Makes your mouth water just by its scent – no seriously it does, because a few friends bought a bottle and I wasn’t suppose to be drinking that night but as soon as the bottle was opened and the aromas was smelt I couldn’t resist and about 2 hours of trying to be good and sipping water it was over, I got myself a glass! Along with their wines there are the ciders and beers, all from local or national breweries, a handful of cocktail mixes and jugs for your drinking pleasure.

Lot 20 Bar

But really the crowning glory of Lot 20 would have to be their amazing DUTCH CHIPS! – no joke. They are the best damn chips in Perth (and I know my chips, I’m a sucker for HOT FRIES! and these are THE BOMB). So what is Dutch Chips you ask? Well.. it’s your thin fries topped with red onion, satay and mayo sauce. *Drool* Just writing this makes me wanna get some.

Lot 20 Bar Dutch Chips

Dutch Chips

Along with the chips, I really love their ‘From the Earth’ part of their menu. They have this crazy delicious eggplant chips. I didn’t think eggplant can get any yummier and then pow I’m proven wrong. Lightly tempura-ed it comes with cut fresh chilli pieces and have just ate it as it is, although it is fantastic for sharing too.

They also have this delicious, healthy, protein-filled, refreshing, summer-perfect Freekah salad with Pomegranant and one other grain (can’t remember what it is). Order it. Try it. Share it. It’s good for you in so many ways. There is also a lot of it.

Lot 20 From the Earth Menu - Eggplant Chips

Eggplant Chips

Lot 20 From the Earth Menu Perth

Freekah Salad

For their summer menu, Lot 20 also has gnocchi made two ways. The gnocchi themselves were silky, fluffy and delicious, the only downside of the dish was the amount on the plate. Beautiful presentation, but definitely one that would leave your belly rumbling.

Then there are the bar classics, like the Lot 20 Burger, with in-house made patty, egg, cheese, onion rings and salad. This particular one that my friend got however does not have the egg in it.

Lot 20 Bar Menu Summer Perth

Gnocchi cooked two ways

Lot 20 Bar - The Lot Burger

Lot 20 Burger

Their Lightly Smoked Pork Belly, Chestnut crumbs, Cardamom & Apple Gel uses local WA produce and is juicy, tender and the apple and cardamom gel is delicious. And I know it seems silly to complain as it’s pork belly, but it was a little too fatty for my liking. I haven’t actually ordered this a whole, but had it as a taster and the Yelp Elite end of 2014 party. I’ve been too busy sampling their vegetarian menu (and loving it might I add).

Then there is the best news ever….

Jerry Fraser – The King of Oysters resides at Lot 20 every Wednesdays and Fridays and provides all your delicious oyster needs. Last time I was there he served me up some Tassie Oyster much to my delight! I love the oysters from Tasmania, especially as I gorged myself on them when I was on holidays, there is just something different, they are more on the creamy side. The oysters are a value $30 for a dozen, one of the cheapest prices in town.

Jerry Fraser at Lot 20

King of Oysters – The ONE and ONLY Jerry Fraser!

Lot 20 Bar - Oysters from Jerry Fraser

The only let down is that the service is a bit of a hit or miss. Friendly enough, but mixing up orders and not putting the order through to the kitchen and bar is kind of not cool.

But I can forgive them because the vibe is relaxed, cool and not pretentious. Plus I am liking the interior designs. A little awkward but rustic and charming.

Definitely one to hit up this summer!

Ps. If you want to book you can – they have a reserve space upstairs for bookings, but it’s only for 2 hours then after that you will have to relocate to other areas of the Bar. Also it allows you to have nice sourdough bread with churned, silky butter. But really the main reason is – IT IS A LOT QUIETER.

Lot 20 Bar




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Australia Day 2015

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Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Come and join millions of Australian on the 26th of January to celebrate and reflect on what it means to be Australian – to appreciate the beautiful country and its diverse, multicultural society.

So to commemorate this special day I’ve put together a list of where to celebrate around Perth!

Swing your way into the hottest tickets and Shows around @ Perth Fringe Festival 2015

The Perth Fringe Festival is in full swing and what better way to celebrate Australia Day than to go and see the weird, wonderfully funny and delicious devilishness than local and interstate (and some international) talent do their thing! For full details of shows and whats on and whats hot here.

Photo: Fringe World Perth

 The City of Perth’s Skyworks at the Swan River Foreshore

The biggest and brightest ever! This year’s theme is “Love this City”.

The best places are located at either Langley Park Entertainment Zone, Survival Perth Zone in Supreme Court Gardens or the Celebration Zone South Perth.

There are hundreds of free family entertainment options, such as the Aussie Icon Sand Installation and Sculptures, cuddle koalas and get close and personal to reptiles, be mind-blown by crazy stunts and amazing backflips by the freestyle motocross, Australia’s longest running family circus will also be hosting free shows along with many others at Langley Park, while in South Perth you can view the amazing fireworks with the backdrop of the city along with enjoying activities from several of their different zones such as “Toddler & Kids”, “The Challenge Area”, “The Sports Zone”, the “Art Zone” and “Adrenaline Corner”. To top it off you can enjoy a free concert at the Supreme Court Gardens hosted by an exceptional line up of national, regional and local Aboriginal Talent. For more information check out here.

Starting at 3pm and finishing at 8:30pm with spectacular fireworks at 8pm.

perthskyworksPhoto by: Visit Perth City


Rottnest Island

Perth’s own little island retreat, 30 minutes ferry ride from Fremantle Harbour is the perfect destination to get into the spirit of Australia Day. What’s better than lounging around on the sandy beaches of Rottnest, exploring the beautiful reefs and swimming in the crystal clear blue waters, and cycling around the island to discover your secluded paradise? I’ll have to say the best bit is after all adventure is to enjoy a nice ice cold beer or cider at the Hotel Rottnest bar.

Rottnest island

Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Photo: Sprinkling of Spice

The Havianas Australia Day Thong Challenge

 The footwear brand Havianas are putting their annual Australia Day challenge this year with their 10th birthday of the Havianas Australia Day Thong Challenge. A symbolic reflection of that most summer-y of Aussie icons – the thong (not to be confused with the American version of the item with the same name, as that would just be awkward), the Havianas challenge sees a huge number of people taking to the waters in their inflatable thongs, which when seen en masse is truly an impressive sight to behold. Perth’s own version of the event is set to take place at Cottesloe Beach. The day raises money for local junior Surf Life Saving clubs, with $10 from every entry fee of $30 ($25 if registration is completed online) going to the beach’s association. Registration opens at 8:00am on Australia Day with beach activities for the event kicking off at 10:00am and all the proceedings wrapping up at 2:00pm.


Picnic and BBQ at the beach or park

Pick any place around Perth, from the iconic King’s Park which has amazing vantage point of the city and the Swan River to the sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters of Cottesloe, City Beach, Scarborough, Sorrento Beach. Nothing says Australia Day then snags on the barbie with family and friends.

 Beach Sunset BBQ


For more Aussie Day inspirations from what to do, eat, dance, listen, play, wear across Australia check out here. My article can be found on there too!

Australia Day 2015


Sprinkling of Style

Strips Skorts Summer Fashion


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It gets way too hot in Perth.

I hate it so much.

There is only so much you can kinda be in.

I’ve been living in my skorts and pairing it with loose cotton based tops or blouses. That and dresses. I don’t want anything sticking to me, it’s bad enough as it is.


This is my uniform at the moment.

strips and skort summer styling


Somewhat boring.

But effective enough for the heat.. other than being in your bikini.

summer wear summer fashion



Sunnies: Collette Dinnigan

Top: Country Road

Skort: Zara

Shoes: Vangoh Shoes

Bag: Celine Trio in powder blue

Watch: Seiko


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