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Dream mornings with Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets

Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets

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For those that know me knows that I am NOT a morning person. I do NOT get up at 5am in the morning to hit the gym — argghh only crazy people do that. I barely have time to have to brush my teeth and get dressed to get to work on time, let alone have breakfast (my very unhealthy breakfast consists of tea – it’s assam bold at the moment, with cod liver oil capsule, vitamin B complex tablet and vitamin D capsule and if I’m uber organised there is a piece of biscuit).

Thanks to Nuffnang and Uncle Tobys things are about to change!

They provided me with two massive boxes of Uncle Toby’s Oats Quick Sachets in a variety of flavours – the original oats with honey, and fruit variety pack with apple and cinnamon, apple and raspberry and apply and honey. (There is also a Berry Variety Pack available at the supermarkets!)

Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets

The great thing about these babies is that they are convenient and perfect for a very busy person like me, or people who are just not morning people and love their sleep in and snooze buttons.

I love that they are easy to prepare -

Uncle Toby's Oats


Just add milk (which I think tastes a lot better because it gives it a more creamy taste) or soy milk or if that is still too hard… just add water. You don’t even need a measuring cup to get the right quantity of milk because the packet it comes a measuring cup 0 just pour the milk into the packet to the required line and then pour that straight into your bowl of oats. SOOOO easy!

Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets

You just stir it.

Chuck it into the microwave – my 1000WATT microwave only took 60 seconds (the packet says 90 seconds) I heated it into 2 x 30 second batches so I can stir it in between.

Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets - Fruit Variety Pack

Then it’s done!

I love a bit of milk still with my oats, but if you like a more dry version just cook it in the microwave a little more (another 20 seconds will do!).

The best thing is, it has no artificial colours of flavours, you can see the actual fruit pieces in the variety fruit pack and it smells lovely as it cooks. And to top it off it tastes amazing.

I finished of the cooked oats with a bit of blueberries (but it really isn’t needed, but I think it’s just nice to get some texture through the oats).

Result of Uncle Toby's Oats

It’s the perfect dream morning – easy, quick, convenient and healthy breakfast option – full of fiber and low enough GI to keep you going!

Plus the individual sachets means you can pack it in your bag and have it as morning tea at work!

Definitely having more in my pantry! Especially during winter, it’s the perfect dream morning to wake up to!


**Disclaimer – This is part of Nuffnang Product Talk, the Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets were sent to me to try out. All opinions are my own**

Perth's Inner City Suburbs

Jus Burgers refreshed

Jus Burgers Leederville

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Jus Burgers was one of the original gourmet burgers established in Perth. It all started back in 2008 when Justin Bell opened the iconic burger joint. I had a pleasure of meeting Justin, an incredibly passionate foodie, who believes in using locally sourced ingredients at his venues and is a Buy West Eat Best restaurant ambassador. He is also the owner of Snags and Sons and more recently Pinchos. He invited my friend K and myself to try out a new line-up of burgers being offered at Jus Burgers (which has expanded from its original home in Leederville to Subiaco, Northbridge and Fremantle). Before the food came out I had a chance to throw a few questions at him about his new vision for Jus Burgers. He told me that they had a bit of a facelift and have peeled back to have a minimalist, clean look, losing the graffiti wall and adding a few more seating options, hanging plants and filament lighting (which I love!). It’s to show that Jus Burgers have grown up from its heydays of the 2008. I have to say, I love that its grown its angst teenage look to a sophisticated burger joint. The clean, minimalist look, however hasn’t taken away it’s vibrant ambiance of the place. Jus Burgers Leederville He told me that the grown up look is paired with a more grown up menu. The old favourites are still there – you know the wagyu burger, their cheeseburger and pommy burger, but now there is the options of sliders – Diner style Burgers. Perfectly sized to try all four yourself (which I think is a bit too much) or to share and taste test all – like a burger testing plate!

Pipsqueak Cider available at Jus Burgers

Pipsqueak Cider available at Jus Burgers

To add to that “grown-up” feel, all Jus Burgers joint are licensed, having a choice of wines from Margaret River, Peroni, Feral, Rogers, Emu Beers and Pipsqueak Cider. K and I opted for the pipsqueak cider, it was the perfect pairing to burgers and washed away the hump day blues. The sliders looked amazing when they came to our table. The slightly charred brioche buns, to the abundant, locally sourced fresh ingredients stacked elegantly in between. Justin explained that the brioche bun was baked by the local bakery, Jean Pierre Sancho and that the bun, like the filling is an important element of any burgers. I have to thoroughly agree with him on that!

Jus Burgers Sliders - part of their Diner Style Burgers

Jus Burgers Sliders – part of their Diner Style Burgers

The line up was:

  • Americano – char-grilled beef, pickles, Kraft cheese, salad, American mustard & ketchup, served on charred brioche bun by Jean Pierre Sancho
  • Shark Bay Prawn – chilli relish, Asian slaw, salad, crispy shallots & garlic, coconut lime dressing, served on charred brioche bun by Jean Pierre Sancho
  • Pulled Pork – Linley Valley free range pork, chipotle, balsamic onions, slaw & cheese, served on charred brioche bun by Jean Pierre Sancho
  • South East Asian – choose any meat or vegetarian with chilli relish, Asian slaw, salad, crispy shallots & garlic, coconut lime dressing, served on charred brioche bun by Jean Pierre Sancho
Sliders at Jus Burgers

Jus Burgers Sliders – part of their Diner Style Burgers

We cut each of the burgers in half to share and kicked things off with the Shark Bay prawn. The prawns had been finely diced and rolled into a flat crumbed patty. The crunchy prawn patty was paired with this amazing creamy coconut and lime dressing, little nod to the Asian flavours that is enjoyed by so many. The asian slaw also had a slight hint of smokey flavours as well. It was a great way to kick things off.

Next to get into my tummy was the Americano. A generous beef patty, melted with cheese, dosed with the perfect combination of mustard and ketchup and ribons of pickle (pickles are not my thing, but I managed to eat this one so must be good!). The patty was so juicy and full of flavour and it’s the perfect cheeseburger burger.

I was really excited to try the pulled pork. It’s all the rage at the moment in Perth and why wouldn’t it be. Pulled pork if made well is beautiful! To stay true to Jus Burger’s promise to use local produce, the pulled pork was made with Linley Valley Pork (one of WA’s finest!). The burger had generous amounts of rich, flavourful pulled pork. It went beautifully with the chipotle sauce (giving that kick to the sweet brioche bun and the slight smokey flavours of the poirk) and loved that balsamic onions and slaw.

Lucky last, the Asian style chicken. This burger could be vegetarian, but we decided that we are too much of a carnivore to pass up the plump grilled chicken. The chicken was paired with the lovely Asian slaw, which had a slight smokey flavour from the smoked paprika, crunch from the shallots and a zesty and creamy coconut and lime dressing. It’s a lovely change from the beef patties and something I would have to have again.

Burgers/sliders can never be eaten alone – it just feels wrong, like your meal isn’t complete. So we had a platter of Jus Burger’s famous slides.

  • Onion Rings – House- made with garlic aioli - My all time favourite!
  • Sweet Potato Wedges – sour cream & chilli  (Sriracha) sauce - locally and specially sourced to make the wedges. AND OMG K and I were fighting over it because they were fantastic. I would have to say I think it may have replaced the onion rings as my favourite side at Jus Burgers. It didn’t even need much of the sour cream and Sriracha, it is fantastic on its own!
  • Chips – Freshly cut Western Australian potatoes and not frozen. – I thought they lacked a bit of crisp.
  • Middle-Eastern Slaw – Pomegranate molasses, oil and lemon - I’m usually not a big fan of slaw because I find them a bit tangy and weirdly creamy, but THIS ONE had this amazing smokey flavour thanks to their house-made smoked paprika salt. So good!
Jus Burgers famous sides

Jus Burgers famous sides

Jus Burgers continue to serve up some lovely burgers and a menu that’s classic and unique at the same time. There are options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The best thing is that they focus on using local produce and support local farmers. They also make everything fresh daily- they even crumb the onion rings first thing in the morning!

So, if you are ever in Subiaco, Leederville, Northbridge or Fremantle and are wondering where to eat, grab a Jus Burger, they will satisfy and are so amazingly priced!

Thanks Justin and the Jus Burgers team for your invitation and for having a chat with me even though the place was so busy! Love your new grown up look and feel!

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The annoying things about dining out

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I love eating out, who doesn’t? There is food (good majority of the time), good company, good wine and alcoholic beverages, water glasses that are artfully refilled without you noticing, napkins that are folded up every time you go to the bathroom, and someone who offers you dessert. I especially love going to a place with cloth napkins, waiters in nice crisp shirts, tablecloths – that are actually white cloths and not papers – on table and an endless wine list (majority of which has names I can’t pronounce). A real foodie at heart.

But you know, there are some things where eating out isn’t all that. A few things that changes an overall fantastic meal straight to annoying, and slightly mar the whole experience. It’s not things that would make me not recommend a place or stop me from returning but just things that really shouldn’t happen.

I have to start with napkins in between my food and the plate – what a waste of a perfectly good napkin! It’s especially exasperating when they are the napkins the restaurant expects you to use – ugh.. like don’t you realise that it’s already dirty by placing it on my food?

Then there are water glasses that are not clean. When I say not clean, I mean they smell like they’ve been washed with other dirty dishes and smell faintly like the scraps of food. And I really can’t stand ones with water stain and soap scum marks. For me it just screams “dirty old dishwater wash was used to clean this water glass!”

Then there are:

  • Clearing plates while others at the table are still eating – or when I’m still eating and am just taking a break to digest! – It’s rude – please ask before removing.
  • Wobbly tables – putting little folded up cardboard doesn’t fix it.
  • Being asked what I’d like to drink before my bum even touches the seat.
  • Waiting too long for the bill. I want to pay you and leave – don’t drag it out!
  • Not enough sauce to my food – little ramekin of sweet chilli sauce or sour cream for my bowl of hot chips or wedges – just annoying.
  • Beef/chicken/prawn salad that is 95% leaves and almost nil said beef/chicken/prawn – if I wanted just leaves I would have ordered the Greek salad or greens.
  • Wait staff that are too cool to write down orders – I need confidence that you have my order and won’t be back at my table to confirm or WORSE get it wrong completely
  • Not offering the dessert menu
  • That new place they drag you to ends up being a new noodle bar in the basement of an abandoned watch factory with three tables and a three-hour wait. And of course you can’t sit until your whole party is there, and there’s always that one friend who shows up five seconds after they just gave away your table.
  • Whatever happened to the bread basket? I’m pretty sure people universally liked it. Bring it back! And if the restaurant you’re at doesn’t give you free bread, it’s a good indication that your entrée will be the size of an iPod Shuffle.
  • Cash only – who carries cash these days?

Are there anything that annoy you about dining out?