3 Day Juice Cleanse by Made Juice


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I decided that I needed a little help with my fitness and to help me restart my healthy eating habits so I decided on a 3 day Juice Cleanse to kick start it all, and to give my gastrointestinal tract a bit of a break from digesting all the food that I indulge in. I’ve been researching about juice cleanses, and have asked my dietitian/nutritional student about the benefits of it and whether it’s worth doing. I know the best thing about a 3 day juice cleanse is that I will get more vegetables and fruit in my than I would normally, which means all the vitamins and minerals, so it’s already a health benefit in my opinion. And I tend to suffer from bloating and unsettle GI tract and the juices are meant to help with that, and it eliminates toxins in your body so I thought it’d be a win-win situation.

I’ve been fortunate enough to discover on my research that there are a few different companies in Perth that make fresh, made-to-order juice cleanses. Many of which uses, cold press methods to extract as much of the vegetables and fruits nutritional benefits as possible.

I decided to my 3 day juice cleanse from Made Juice, because it’s decently priced compared to other companies and their combination of vegetables and fruits sounded tasty. To top it off they offer 3 different types of 3 day cleanses – made for health, made for recharging and made for detox. I decided to go for made for health. I chose to do it over a weekend simply because I didn’t want my first day of cleansing to be at work just in case I felt faint or passed out – it just wouldn’t be cool.


My juice were made fresh and delivered to my house by fridge on Friday afternoon (they say delivery between 5pm to 7pm) just as soon as I got home, you can also opt to pick up.

The juice made my fridge look pretty.

3 day juice cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Each day you are given 6 juices to drink, in the Made for Health you get 2 x Green Juice, 1 x Fruit, 1 x Root, 1 x Lemon and 1 x Cashew.

On top of the juices you are encouraged to drink as much water as possible and teas. Food is not really allowed but if you are feeling faint you can have clean, simple foods like salads.

On day 1 of the cleanse I struggled with not eating anything but it got easier as the day went and I found that the juices actually kept me full. Day 2 and Day 3 proved to be a lot easier and the hunger wasn’t present at all.

You did go to the toilet a little more often then usual, but then that’s not surprising, you are drinking liquids!

On Day 3 because I was at work, I took plain, simple salad to eat, but I didn’t feel hungry for it and I found that 3 bottles of the juices sustained me.


Did I see any benefits?

Yes. After the initial hunger pangs of the first day, after that it was great.

1) I got a lot of fruits and vegetables

2) My skin was fresher and clearier

3) After I finished the 3 day cleanse, I felt lighter, and I was lighter on the scales (I lost 1kg)

4) I fit my clothes better and I did have my usual feeling of bloating

So I think a 3 day Juice Cleanse is a great way to make you feel better when you’ve indulged a little too much, like at Christmas or Chinese New Year. I’m definitely thinking about doing it again post the silly season! I think my gut might thank me for it!


If you are thinking of starting it but have medical conditions please contact your doctor to see if you can do this. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to people who are diabetic, have cardiovascular/heart diseases. For more information about 3 day cleanses or shorter versions or if you are game the 5 day cleanse, check out Made Juice website.

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Going Curly at Curi Hair Salon

Digital Asian Perm

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My hairdresser, the lovely Stephanie of S2C is currently on maternity leave and as such my hair has been in a mess, dead straight, boring and getting too long for my liking. I wanted a change, I wanted to cut it all off, and my bf started to panic. He’s just not that into short hair.

So I did some research. I asked my friends, I poured through my Perth lifestyle bloggers. Vanessa of Vangoh shoes, who has lovely balayage and the inspiring fashionista, mother and lifestyle blogger, Karen Cheng recommended Curi Hair Salon in the heart of Subiaco.

It is owned by a husband and wife team, Jay and Tiffany, who have been in the hair business for over 15 years and have worked in various salons across Australia and Perth. So, after a bit of research about Curi Hair Salon, I gave them a call. I spontaneously decided that one Sunday morning that I will get a perm. Lucky for me they were able to fit me in quickly. My perm decision, I guess wasn’t well thought there, all I know is, I’m sick of my dead straight hair with no “oomph” and I have always been fascinated with curls and I figured in the past, Stephanie have always said I would always  perk my hair up by getting some curls through it, I figured they were all good reasons to just decide and go for the bouncy look.

Jay consulted me on my curly wants, I showed him photos of some loose curls that I wanted. I told him that I don’t want anything that looks like a bad 80s perm or makes me look like those Chinese aunties. I just prayed that he knew what I meant.


Before photo of my dead straight hair


Then before I knew it, I was getting my hair washed, trimmed then prepped under a hair heater.

Then the fun part started.

I was strapped to an octopus, alien like machine. The strands of my hair were rolled onto ceramic rollers which were clipped onto its tentacles, which kept the machine heated at a constant temperature. The machine is gentler and less damaging for the hair than the traditional perms and is quiet a popular technique used in Korean (and can also be seen in some of the other Korean Hair salons). It felt a little weird at first, because it felt as though the machine was somewhat pulling my hair, but it could just be because I couldn’t sit still.

Digital Asian Perm

Contraption used for Perming hair – A technique called Digi Perm used at Curi Hair Salon

After what seemed like ages being strapped into a contraption, they undid the rollers, washed my hair with neutralising agent to set my perm.

They towel dried my hair, placed some maroccan oil into it then blowdry it as they twist and twirled my curls. I was a little bit scared when it was first done because it seemed to be really curly and stuck to each other, looking a little Shirley Temples, but after they finished the blow drying process, I couldn’t believe how much more volume my hair had! It was freaking unbelievable. I think it also showed my old colours through it really well too.

I was really really pleased with the result! It was great and Jay was right curls make you happy!

With Hairdresser Jay, owner of Curi Hair Salon

With Hairdresser Jay

Asian Perm

The end result!

I asked Jay how long the curls would last and he said at least 6 months and overtime the curls will get softer and looser.

The whole experience took 2 hours, and I just paid enough for the car-parking, score!

In terms of how I”m managing the hair? Well, I’m not really used to having to put anything into it so I can definitely become a bit lazy, but when I do they do look amazing and they seem to turn out so much better a day after my hair is washed.

And now I can safely say I understand why people get annoyed with frizz, I have never had that problem before and I must say, even with the curls, frizzing is still not that much of a problem for me!

The prices?

The price for a setting perm starts at $180, and it goes up a *little* if you have super long hair.
Balayage starts at $135, and goes up a little bit if you have super long and thick hair.

Cut, wash and blow dry for ladies start at $45
Colour tint for ladies start from $45
1/4 head foils from $45
1/2 head foils from $70
Full head foils from $90

Curi Hair Salon
Unti 4, 103 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA (The strip of shops on Forrest Walk)

(They are in a little laneway, near the corner of Forrest Street and Rowland, next to the Forrest St Carpark.)
(08) 6161 0710

I completely recommend them, and they do cut non-Asian hair too!!


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Entwined in the Valley

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Join esteemed chef and restaurateur (and for those who are fans.. one of the judges of Masterchef), George Calombaris for an evening of epicurean delight at the inaugural Entwined in the Valley degustation event.

To add the the delectable, culinary delights is a touch elegance as the event is held in a stunning marquee amongst the backdrops of vines at Houghton Winery, in the Swan Valley on Saturday August 30, 2014.

You’ll be treated to a seven-course degustation menu expertly prepared by the talented Kiren Mainwaring, formerly of Dear Friends and now chef extraordinaire at Co-op Dining in East Perth, along with famed Masterchef Australia host and award-winning chef and restaurateur, George Calombaris.

The momentous evening will mark the Swan Valley’s debut as the first Humane Food Region in Australia. The menu will showcase fresh and humane food produce of the Swan Valley and each course will be delicately matched with award-winning local wines from the 2014 Singapore Airlines Swan Valley Wine Show.

Hosted by the City of Swan and MC’d by the every bubbly and lovely TV personality Anna Gare, the event will also feature international wine writer and judge Ch’ng Poh Tiong as sommelier for the evening.

Tickets are strictly limited so don’t be the one that misses out.

Book through Ticketmaster,

Date: Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time: 7pm to midnight

Venue: Marquee at Houghton Winery, 148 Dale Road, Middle Swan

Buy an Entwined in the Valley ticket and you and a lucky friend could win a meet and greet with George Calombaris, and a cooking experience with Co-Op’s Kiren Mainwaring.

Terms and Conditions apply.