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Red Hot Spatula Cooking School

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I love the idea of going to cooking school, simply because I am not so confident with my cooking skills, and I’m definitely not a big fan of cooking. There’s just too much pressure and stress involved – is it going to taste good? is it going to be edible? am I going to have to throw it out? – that alone is enough to put me off cooking and to top it off my kitchen doesn’t exactly have all the tools I need to make the cooking process easier.

So when I heard that Red Hot Spatula had opened up a cooking school in the Swan Valley and Yelp was giving me a chance to check it out (thanks to the fact that they have kindly given me an Elite status! – which really is just you posting reviews on yelp, making friends and just being an active member of the community) I put my hands up! Hello new skills!

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Red Hot Spatula has been around for a while. They do a lot of food catering for different events throughout Perth and have been present in a few food markets across Perth. They also sell their in-house made pastes to add to your cooking. I first heard about them back last year when I went to a charity fashion show for the David Wirrapunda Foundation  - Divine Dreaming Charity. The company is run by a mother daughter team, who are both passionate about using fresh produce (most of which they grow in their own backyards) and providing authentic Asian dishes and flavours – no fusion here.

Their passion has lead them to open up a cooking school to pass on their knowledge about sourcing the best Asian ingredients, what the elements of different Asian ingredients are – for example Cambodian dishes are known to have the flavours of kaffir limes, lemongrass and galangal. And they of course teach you how to cook traditional dishes and how to cook and use the ingredients.

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On this particular night we were treated to a cooking demonstration and lessons from Yvonne and her mum on the art of cooking Cambodian cuisine, something that I have never tried before. We watched her talk and teach and cook her way through 3 courses. It was all very interactive we were allowed to approach the table touch and smell the ingredients (that were for display and not to be used for cooking the meals). We were then able to sample everything.

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The pair were so knowledgeable and really demonstrated how easy it was to use fresh ingredients (including how to make your own curry paste). It was interesting and they make it look so easy!

To top it off I got to try a cuisine I have never tried before – Cambodian!

It definitely inspired me to have a crack at cooking. So I was ever so grateful for having copies of the recipes she was cooking given to me. It was in such detailed steps as well! Great for a beginner!

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Can’t wait to test it out! and Can’t wait to keep an eye on the cooking to school to see what else is on offer in the future.

For details on the cooking school check out: Red Hot Spatula Cooking School Here


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Happy 5th bday to Sprinkling of Spice


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Recently THIS blog..Sprinkling of Spice.. humble little space of mine celebrated its 5th birthday!

A milestone to say the least. What better way to do that than to have a party!


Sprinkling of Spice 5th Blog Bday

With the help of Vangoh Shoes, who provided a venue, nibbles and free flowing champagne… Sprinkling of Spice  hosted an epic shoe party for its readers a couple of weeks back!


Vangoh  shoes also kindly gave 2 gift cards away to 2 of my readers.

Sprinkling of Spice 5th Blog Bday

So I like to say a big thank you for your support and here is to another 5 years!


All photos (except minons) in this post are thanks to Vangoh Creative

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OH MY! Late night dumplings at… Darlings Supper Club

Darlings Supper Club dumplings

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I’ve been looking forward to the opening of the Darlings Supper Club for months. Since they first appeared on social media to be exact (and that was way before the opening date!). I mean.. HELLOOO.. FINALLY a place (that isn’t the casino) that serves DECENT food (that isn’t just those late night chinese restaurants in Chinatown) at 3am in the morning! Oh Dumplings at 11pm.. at midnight.. at 1am.. yeh ok you get the point.. dream. come. true.

The Darlings Supper Club resides in what was previously a variety of different restaurants, none of which I remember much about. The place serves fusion Asian food (fusion Asian still makes me cringe a little).. dumplings and noodles and a decent list of beers and  an impressive list of Asian Whiskey from Japan and Sake.

Darling Supper Club - Hanging Plants

Darling Supper Club – Hanging Plants

The place has exposed brick walls (which I still absolutely love and is so very NYC!) and a vertical wall of flourishing green indoor plants and lots of hanging plants. Along with sheek lines and pendant lights. Very hip and a little sense of it being a “grown up” space. I loved what they did to the interiors of the place.

Darling Supper Club Perth

Darling Supper Club

I went one late Wednesday night with a girlfriend, at about 9pm after her evening shift to gorge ourselves on dumplings. After all it had raving reviews from Rob Broadfield.. “best dumplings in Perth” .. or something along those lines. I have to say that is a HUGE claim, but I had to find out. After all their style of dumplings is exactly what you would get at yum cha. So as you could have guessed, we only ordered from their dumplings menu. They do however, have Asian styled soups, noodles and some Asian style snacks.

Ok so it’s really hard to take photos of dumplings, because exterior wise they all look the same. So in terms of the photos, sorry all in little bamboo style steamers (I don’t think they make steamers from real bamboo now because it’s really not environmentally friendly.. although don’t quote me on that)… ok so I was saying they are all in bamboo style steamers and you get 4 of each dumplings, and each set has its own little sauce pot, mainly vinegar or soy based with the exception of two; the kangaroo dumplings, which was plum sauce and the the chicken, lemongrass and ginger dumplings, which was really in the style of wonton soup.

We got ourselves…

1 x 4 dumplings of steamed skinless scallop, prawn with roasted garlic and soy sprinkled with black sesame seeds. This set of dumplings didn’t have the flour skin on it, but it had a slight chewy texture, possibly from tapioca(?.. well I know my grandma found use that) to bind the ingredients together. It definitely needed the sauce to add a bit of flavour to the mix.

1 x 4 dumplings of peppered kangaroo with a spicy salted plum sauce. There was plenty of stuffing covered around a thin dumpling skin. The plum sauce wasn’t spicy at all, but the sweet, salty, sticky sauce was a nice mix to the dumpling. I just felt as though it had that really strong “meat” smell to it.

Darlings Supper Club Dumplings

Steamed skinless scallop and prawn dumpling with roast garlic and soy

Darlings Supper Club Dumplings

3 peppered kangaroo dumpling with salted spicy plum sauce

We also got ourselves..

1 x 4 dumplings of steamed Chicken, lemongrass and ginger dumpling with citrus chicken broth. This dish perfect on a cold night and I’ve always had a soft spot for wonton soup and this fusion dish is exactly that. I thought more lemongrass and ginger could have been infused through the the chicken and the broth needed something to give it oomph, but overall a nice dish.

1 x 4 dumplings of steamed mushrooms (3 types – swiss, field and oyster) garlic and shallots. This was a nice vegetarian option and went so well with all the sauces. I love how the dumpling skin are thin and yet had a little bit of bite to it.

Darlings Supper Club dumplings

Chicken, Lemongrass, Ginger with a citrus chicken broth

Darlings Supper Club

3 types of mushroom dumplings with shallots and garlic

Our last dumpling dish was the 1 x 4 fried dumplings consisting of prawns, coriander, kaffir lime leaf marinated with garlic and ginger and hints of chilli (which I did not taste..). This was a little oily but it was nice and crispy with the prawns encased in a nice thin flour skin.

Overall, all the dumplings had amazing skin, but the filling was a little stingy. The flavours ended up being very similar to each other and really need to mix it up. The price is steep, especially when you compare it to yum cha. But it is a completely different experience, if that is what you are going for. Although I feel as though the charms of dumpling eating to have that noisy, cart-driving chaos in a Chinese yum cha house, and of course to pair all that with tea.

We paired our dumplings with ginger and apple cider from custard and co. It was the perfect match – dumplings and ginger/apple cider.

Darlings Supper Club dumplings

Fried prawn coriander, kaffir lime leaf, chilli, ginger and garlic dumpling

Of course our mid-week outing wasn’t complete without desserts. There was only two to choose from but both sounded so good so we got both to share.

I loved the lime, lychee and coconut trifle. It was balanced – tangy and sweet with a glorious sago lychee balls, creamy coconut milk and lime infused custard like thing. I could easily have another.

Then there was the salted, caramelised peanut and choc snickers – it came out as a slice. It was rich, it was chocolatey and definitely needing sharing (for me anyway). M loved it. Definitely one for the sweet-toothed and for ones that love their salted caramel!

Darlings Supper Club

Lime, lychee and coconut trifle

Darlings Supper Club

Salted caramelised peanut choc snickers

Overall, Darlings Supper Club is a great place for just that – supper. It’s great when there is a concert on at the Perth Arena and you want something to eat afterwards, something small or to have dessert. It’s just as great on a weeknights after an evening as it’s still open for you and your late night buddies. A choice to your usual greasy chinese or kebabs.


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