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2 Fat Indians Gastronomic Feast

I have been very stressed recently and finally had a break from all the worries of life to hang out with my family at one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Perth – 2 Fat Indians, in Mount Lawley. I recommend it to my brothers so often when they want Indian food. So when the staff at 2 Fat Indians invited me to come and try their cuisine and since I haven’t been there for a while I took up the offer.

The 2 Fat Indians in Mount Lawley is so iconic. It’s sits on the corner of Beaufort and Harold streets next to Queens Pub and having filling the streets of Mount Lawley with aromas of saffron and masala spices. It’s a very sleek and modern restaurant with little private booths lining the back wall for the restaurant, an alfresco dining area and a bar at one end.

2 Fat Indians Mount Lawley interiors

2 Fat Indians Mount Lawley interiors

I think Indian food is best eaten when lots of different types of curries are ordered then shared with friends and family. So on this occasion it wasn’t any different.

We ordered a few starters, a few too many mains and tasted a couple of desserts.

Personally I love ordering a Lassi (a whipped yogurt drink).

A lassi is the perfect refreshment to go with Indian food. It’s refreshing and really balances out the chilli in the Indian dishes. At 2 Fat Indians you can get it in three flavours – sweet, mango and salty. I grabbed the mango lassi, but I had a taste test of the salty and it was so much better. The salt seem to balance the creamy-ness of the drink and adds a little bit of pop to it.

We started off the night with some papadum chips with 2 beautiful dipping sauces – a tamarind based dip and yogurt and mint dip. I really like tamarind in a dip form with garlic and cumin, because the sweet and sourness is balanced and gives the otherwise bland papadum chip a  bit of dimension. Then there was the mint dip – talk about having a bit of punch. The chilli, yogurt and mint, sweet and spicy, something to try and replicate at home and to be dipped with everything!

Papadum chips and Lassi drinks

Papadum chips and Lassi drinks

Our 3 entrees were the perfect way to start our Indian taste adventure.

3 very different dishes, with punches of flavours that awakened our palates. We just couldn’t chose which one of them was our favourite.

The tandoori chops – The most tender lamb chops I have ever had. It easily fell off the chop. I was informed by Joe, the manager on duty, that the chops are marinated in yoghurt overnight which tenderises the chops.  The marinate of tandoori, chilli and masala spices provided that the lovely spicy and punchy flavours. It went so well with the mint dip as well. And how awesome that they put little foil wrappings on the chop so that you can use your hands to really get into the chop. Love it.

Then there was the surprise entree and something you don’t see often on Indian restaurant menus – chilli garlic scallop. The scallops were perfectly cooked. So juicy and tender. It wasn’t the most photogenic of dishes but who cares when the garlic, chilli and tomato paste with juicy scallops tasted so damn good. It’s a pity we didn’t have a bit of rice to enjoy the gravy that came with the dish, because it was so delish and needed to be soaked up! Definitely one to be reordering when we come back!  OH.. just a warning for those who can’t take spicy, hot food, make sure you have plenty of lassi or water if you are ordering this dish because it does have a nice spicy kick to it. Personally I love it and didn’t find it hot but I’m sure many of you would disagree with me.

Tandoori Lamb Chops Chilli Garlic Scallops

Top: Tandoori Lamb Chops
Bottom: Chilli Garlic Scallops

Our last entree for the evening was a chef’s special,  Bharwaan Gucci – mushrooms stuffed with spicy cheese, corn, green peas and chopped onion and marinated and cooked in tandoor. I didn’t really like this very much, probably because I found the cheese overpowering, because it was too creamy and it definitely wasn’t a traditional Indian dish. But my family loved it and how different and unexpected it was. They loved the creamy-cheesy spiced stuffing in the cooked mushroom.

bharwaan , stuffed cheesy mushroom

Bharwaan Gucchi

Then the main feast arrived.

Just look at it.

Trust me when I say we drooled and regretted having too many entree dishes.

Our Indian Feast at 2 Fat Indians

Our Indian Feast at 2 Fat Indians

5 different curries and numerous breads – garlic naam bread, plain naam bread, aloo paratha (paratha stuffed with potato), and 2 huge serves of saffron rice (saffron flavoured basmati rice – low carb that way!) to soak up all those gravies.

Let me introduce you to an Indian gastronomic, flavour punching feast that you truly must try.

Goat Curry: The baby goat was prepared and marinated with garam masala, cardamom, yogurt, chilli and other Indian herbs and spices I can’t identify. The goat was so tender. It fell of the bone. The gravy was nice and spicy and was the perfect curry to eat with the saffron rice. **Definitely one that needs yogurt or lassi to ease the hot spicy curry.

Goat Curry at 2 Fat Indians

Goat Curry

One of my favourite Indian dishes is the Butter Chicken. I know this is a BIG claim, but I really love the butter chicken at 2 Fat Indians, and I feel as though it might be one of the best butter chickens in Perth! (HUGE CLAIM I KNOW!). But I love how it isn’t just this creamy yogurty buttery dish. At 2 Fat Indians, the chicken breast pieces are tender, the fenugreek and tandoori flavours are there and the creamy gravy has hints of tomato in it. Best of all you don’t feel as though you are just eating creamy chicken.

butter chicken at 2 fat indians mount lawley

Butter Chicken

Lamb Vindaloo: Classic Indian curry that needs to be ordered. This was so beautifully cooked at 2 Fat Indians. The flavours of the vindaloo, the masala in a curry that wasn’t too creamy or heavy. I love that. But man, it’s good on it’s word, the vindaloo. Spicy. Fiery. Tender Lamb. Perfection. Ease the spicy gravy by soaking it in the rice and yogurt side. But I rather not ruin the flavour, and I love the burning sensation in my mouth.

Lamb Vindaloo, 2 fat indian mount lawley

Lamb Vindaloo

Dal Makhni at 2 fat indians mount lawley

Dal Makhni

To ease all our meat dishes, we decided to order a vegetarian dish and ordered the Dal Makhni. Dal Makhni is a vegetarian curry made from black lentils cooked in a creamy home-churned butter and tomato gravy with beautiful Indian spices. This is a very heavy lentil dish. I was surprised by how dense it was. I don’t know if I was a fan. I do love the lentils, but it was a little heavy for me and I don’t know how I feel about having a dish with just lentils. I feel as though you needed some sort of vegetable, perhaps like lady fingers or something. But then if it had that it wouldn’t be Dal Makhni.

Our last main for the night was the Nawabi Murgh. I don’t have a photo of it but it was one of the chef’s special dishes. Chicken pieces marinated with saffron, masala and chilli topped with beautiful fried garlic and brown onion. It was nice and spicy and I really loved the crunchy garlic and onion chip-like pieces. It added texture to the curry.

AH what a feast it was. I’m glad we got a variety of naam breads and rice to soak up the curries. It was definitely needed. But a feast isn’t done with just mains. Dessert was also needed.

If you haven’t tried Indian dessert then I can tell you that you are missing out.

Indian desserts can be terribly sweet for me but like all things it contains the amazing spices and herbs which gives it some nutty flavours and offset  the sweetness.

One of my favourite Indian dessert will have to be Kulfi. An Indian ice-cream. One of my friends would make it and I love it when she does because it is so good. She usually puts cardamon and saffron in to give it that nutty flavour and beautiful smell. At 2 Fat Indians, they make a pistachio Kulfi. It was creamy, sweet and was sprinkled with pistachio and saffron.

Our second dessert is down right my favourite Indian Gulab Jamun (milk dumpling with flavoured syrup). As a kid I used to buy them from the Asian markets and if I am lucky my Aunty would make some. But MAN they do not compare to the ones at 2 Fat Indians. For one thing, the one from the Asian markets are sickeningly sweet. This Gulab Jamun has a nutty flavour (thanks to the cardamon infuse syrup) and has a beautiful fluffy texture.

What is perfect is eating the kulfi with the gulab jamun and drizzling the syrup all over the kulfi. Creamy ice-cream, sweet, nutty syrup with fluffy dumpling. Delicious.

gulab jamun, kulfi

Top: Gulab Jamun
Bottom: Pistachio Kulfi

If dessert wasn’t enough we all ended up ending the evening with beautiful pots of masala chai tea. A traditional Indian tea. It was stronger than I thought (in terms of caffeine.. because couldn’t sleep and was up half the night!).

I couldn’t believe we had so much food. Every dish was full of flavour, made with love and wasn’t too creamy. I’m just glad I get to rediscover the restaurant all over again. I haven’t been there for so long and I’m glad the flavours still provides punches.

The service at 2 Fat Indians is also impeccable. They are very attentive and the waitstaff have a good knowledge of the menu. The servings are generous and great for sharing.

It’s no wonder they have expanded to Cottesloe.

They also have another sister restaurant in Innaloo, Bollywood. I haven’t been there before, but I’ve heard great things and I wouldn’t mind checking it out before a movie at Events cinemas.

If you are looking for a different cuisine to try or feel like Indian, definitely check out 2 Fat Indians at either Mount Lawley or Cottesloe. Or better yet try their sister restaurant Bollywood at the Event Cinemas carpark area in Innaloo and let me know about it!

As for me? I will definitely be returning to 2 Fat Indians sooner rather than later. Curries are just so perfect in winter. It warms your soul!

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**I would like to thank the staff at 2 Fat Indians for the invitation to try at their Mount Lawley restaurant. We had such a fabulous time!

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