Food Safari Night at Brookfield Plaza

I’ve been very much into revolving dinners. It allows me to try multiple restaurants at once and allows me to decide whether I want to go back there or not. Win win. The latest one involved a much needed catch up with a girlfriend of mine on a lovely Saturday night having a food safari / revolving dinner involving a couple of places in the Brookfield Plaza area.
Nothing says “it’s the weekend” like the a couple of cocktails and canapes!
Dark, sexy, classy, and oh-so-elegant Bar Lafayette was the place to start off our night. Secrets and gossip can be whispered and shared amongst their many hidden corners, we sunk yourself into the leather seats and admire their gorgeous staircase centerpiece that can take us to anywhere (or nowhere?). They serve cocktails and spirits for those with serious palates (and so delicious!).   If Tiffany’s was a place where Audrey had her breakfast, then LaFayette would have been her local bar where she caught up with her girls for some drinks (and where her bartenders knew her favourite drinks!)
Andre (one of the owners) welcomed and ushered us in and found us a lovely knook to start off the night. Before long we were greeted and served by a gorgeous bartender (I have rudely forgotten his name). He was so lovely, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and was able to recommend me a few cocktails to my liking (something on the citrus side, refreshing and light). He recommended me The Green Lady, with Hendrick’s Gin and cointreau served up with hints of lime, fresh mint and a slice of cucumber with a dash of sugar I absolutely loved it. It was delicious, fresh and a great way to start the night. M got herself a Lafayette Collins (another winner in my books!).
Our drinks were accompanied by our entrees for the night.
Garlic and Chilli Prawns with lime salad and this beautiful coconutty sauce (which I wished was just a tad bit more creamy – personal preference) was lovely to eat. Beautifully cooked and marinated garlic prawns balanced the sweetness of the coconut sauce well.
Chilli and Garlic Prawns
The seafood dish was paired with the wagyu beef skewers which was tender juicy enclosed in a beautiful sticky marinade. Couldn’t have enough of it.
Wagyu beef skewers
They also have a rather lovely mixed charcuterie with quality cured meats, pickles, bread, lavosh and a yummy cheese board. After the food, it was round two of the drinks, which saw me have the Adam and Eve, which unfortunately had tequila in it, and as I have consumed too many a tequila sunrises and sunsets in my youth the hint of tequila was a little too strong for me, although M rather liked it.
I have to applaud and give Bar Lafayette my love. The decor inside is warm and friendly, very practical and uses the very limited space they have to great affect. But really the thing that stands out the most about Lafayette is the staffs attentiveness, friendly and welcoming nature, which is something that is lacking in many of Perth’s precinct. It’s also great that they have lovely cocktails (with people who make them with love) and a pretty decent small bar menu.
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After indulging our selves in yummy cocktails and seeing as we already moved our reservation for our main course to a later time (thanks to too much gossip and comfy seatings), at around 8pm we finally strutted a few buildings down to The Trustee Bar and Bistro. I have been popping into here for my dessert treat instead of eating at the restaurant I am at, simply because their desserts is just divine. But I have yet to actually have a meal here (crazy right?), so on this occasion M and I made it a mission to have our mains here (and possibly dessert again if we could fit it in).
We entered below the street level entrance and found a very very busy loud Trustee. Lucky for us we were seated upstairs in the quieter bar area and had the whole bench to ourselves. I love the exposed wine library. The rolling ladder always reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, except instead of books it’s wine (either one is fabulous!). I also love the huge fan turned into chandelier. The whole set up makes me think of 1920s, Great Gatsby meets modern times.

We were looked after by this lovely young waiter from Roma who was just absolutely sweet with a cute accent and was courteous and friendly. In fact, I don’t think I have had bad service at Trustee at all. Props to that.

We opted for one main dish to share between the two of us (really we could have shared this with two other girls!.. or with our other halves..), the chateaubriand for two, which was just amazing dish consisting of 600g of medium-rare, tenderloin, accompanied by sautéed bourguignon mushrooms, beautiful pear and walnut salad, refreshing small serve of celeraic salad (to cleanse the palate no doubt!), fat chips, bernaise and some fried bread-like thing. Of course all of this had to be paired with a glass of red. Seeing as one of us had to drive we decided against a bottle and their extensive list of wines had our heads spinning.

I’m not a huge fan of bone marrow, mainly because I barely have it in my diet, M loved it though. The fat chips were crispy and in small quantity as to not divert your stomach from the meat. The tenderloin was pink, tender, juicy and well rested. The bearnaise wasn’t necessary as the meat was juicy enough, but it was delicious and rich. The bourguignon mushrooms were so lovely with a beautiful smokey scent and flavour with small chunks of smoked ham buried amongst them like hidden treasure. The pear salad and the celeriac salad were crisp and fresh and helped balanced out the meal (and somewhat palate cleansing).

Ready to tackle the meal
Wearing: Lover, YSL Arty, Seed Blazer (on chair), Mimco bag

The dish was huge. I barely finished my share. M fared better. Pity we so much of salads and mushrooms behind because they were lovely accompaniments. After consuming it, and having some what of a meat coma, we decided it could comfortably serve two very hungry people with large appetites or could fill bf and me/her and her bf, but if it was all four of us, we may have to order something else as we all seem to have a good appetite.

You can imagine after this we didn’t have room for dessert. Instead we sat there talking about all things grown-up. ARGH going to be on the wrong side of the 20s this year is so depressing. But that in itself is another post. But hey, nothing is more romantic than dining over candlelight and whinging about how close we are to our 10 year high school reunion with your bff.

Until then, any ideas where can we go next for our revolving dinner and food safari?

Throw me ideas peoples! or better yet email me @:::

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